Grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4! The curriculum focuses on a wide range of academic skills in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, science and social studies. Using the Reading Workshop model, students read texts from a wide range of genres. Students jot down their thinking in their reader’s notebooks, while working in various groupings throughout the year to deepen their comprehension. Students learn and apply phonics skills, vocabulary, and spelling patterns. In Writing Workshop, students start the year by revisiting narrative and persuasive writing. They delve into informational writing, while becoming experts on various nonfiction topics. The math curriculum focuses on multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and data collection. Students explore the water cycle, ecosystems, magnetism, force and motion and electricity in Science. Social Studies units focus on regions of the United States. Technology is integrated throughout all curricular areas.



PebbleGo-readings, videos, and pictures on various nonfiction topics (username/password required)

FreedomFlix - history reading and resources (username/password required)

Lexia Learning - technology-based reading skill program(username/password required)

TrueFlix- social studies and science reading and resources


Cool Math - various math skill games

Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids- document listing and describing various interactive math resources

XtraMath - math fact practice (username/password required)


Library Homepage - teacher/students links listed

Library Catalog (Destiny) - online access to Griswold School catalog

4th Grade

Alexandra Vieira

Sarah Larsen

Graham Seekamp

Erica Tardiff