Kindergarten is a year of tremendous social, behavioral, and academic growth. First and foremost, students learn to be a part of a classroom community - learning to be kind, share, learn and play together, and take care of their classroom and each other. It is also a year of learning work habits and independence, as students learn to follow directions, use strategies to complete tasks, and focus on trying their best in everything they do. Students also learn about what it means to be responsible for their actions and making choices that affect others - with associated consequences. With all of this, students learn through age-appropriate activities as they read, write, and explore math, science, and social studies concepts, among other academic subjects. The goal of Kindergarten is to instill a love of learning in students, build relationships, and establish a positive connection with classmates, teachers, and the school community.



Bookflix - videos and reading on a variety of topics (username/password required)

PebbleGo -readings, videos, and pictures on various nonfiction topics

Lexia Learning - technology-based reading skill program (username/password required)

Raz-Kids - reading and comprehension at various levels (username/password required)

Starfall - a variety of reading-based activities


Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids- document listing and describing various interactive math resources

Sheppard Software - a variety of math skill games


Library Homepage - teacher/students links listed

Library Catalog (Destiny) - online access to Griswold School catalog

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