Grade 1

Grade 1 is such an exciting year! As children build independence and learn about respect and responsibility as members of a classroom community, they develop a love of reading and blossom into strong readers during Reading Workshop. Students practice their decoding and comprehension skills, study characters in fiction books, and learn about the text features in non-fiction books. As they flourish into young, budding authors in Writing Workshop, learners progress through the stages of the writing process, crafting a variety of fiction and nonfiction pieces. Children solidify early numeracy skills and begin to apply various problem-solving strategies and explain their thinking as they play engaging math games. Students also learn about shadows, living things, forces and motion, and life-cycles through scientific observation, activities and experiments designed to deepen their understanding. It is a fun, fantastic year of learning and achievement!



Classlink - Single sign-on for multiple links and resources

- online videos and reading on a variety of topics (username/password required)

Lexia Learning - technology-based reading skill program (username/password required)

PebbleGo-readings, videos, and pictures on various nonfiction topics (username/password required)

Raz-Kids - online reading at various levels (username/password required)


Dreambox Learning - access our school log-in page

Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids
- document listing and describing various interactive math resources

Sheppard Software - a variety of math skill games


Library Catalog (Destiny) - online access to Griswold School catalog

Grade 1

Kaylie Corjulo

Meghan Lorch

Sarah Britton

Daniela Sznaj

Kimberly Wallert