2020-2021 Beginning Band Registration

2020-2021 Beginning Band Registration
Posted on 06/06/2020
2020-2021 Beginning Band Registration2020-2021 Beginning Band Registration

Here are two links for a Parent Presentation and an Instrument Demonstration for Kids.  Also included below is a link to the form that you need to fill out so that your child can participate in band in the fall. Please sign up as soon as you possibly so Ms. Wilson can get instrument assignments out at some point over the summer.  On the form, it will ask your child’s first and second choice of instrument. While every effort will be made to try and give students their first choice, there are some instruments that have a limited number that can be in the band. This includes drums and percussion.  Ms. Wilson will contact you over the next few months about which instrument your child will be playing in the fall.

Band Registration Form

Parent Presentation

Instrument Demo for Kids